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    SendMyMsg is
    simple with a clean design
    Send SMS Text and Voice
    SendMyMsg is the best SMS Text and Voice blast application
    for business, organizations, schools and for those running for office.
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    Message Management Portal
    Grow your business using
    SMS Text Coupons
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    Web Based
    & User Friendly
    No Monthly Subscription
    Join for $49 and get 100 Msg credits included
    opt-in and opt-out phone numbers for easy list management.
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    SendMyMsg.com is owned by
    MOTC Telecom
    Reach new customers
    Get additional discounts on our other
    voice and unified communications solutions. .
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    Optional Phone Number
    96% of text are
    read within two
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Our Services

Our Message Management Portal (MMP) is the best cloud base SMS Text service in the world. Join today for $49.00 and get 1000 message credits included with your membership. Additional credits can be purchased for as low as 2 cents per message credit. In addition to SMS Text, you can also robo-call from our Message Management Portal. The MMP is a great tool for any business, organization, school or person seeking public office. There is no better tool when you need to reach hundreds or even thousands of people at once.

No Monthly Fees

There is no monthly fee to use our Message Management Portal. You can use your credits anytime you like without having to worry about losing them because of a monthly minimum use policy.

Build Your Business

Offering your customers great coupons is a great way to increase sales and revenue. You can consult with our marketing experts to help you get the most from your SMS Text marketing.

Emergency Calling

During an emergency, how many employees or parents, if you are a school, can you contact? With Message Management Portal you can send a SMS text to cell phone users and voice call those with land lines.

Get Out The Vote

Sometimes a few dozen votes is all that seperate winners from losers. Just imagine if you could have called your supporters to remind them to vote for you on election day.

About Us

MOTC Telecom is an Internet Telephone Servive Provider (ITSP) that provides business and residential phone servce. When growing your business is your only option, MOTC Telecom is your best choice. We offer lower prices than traditional phone companies; we have tools that we hae developed for small businesses that facilitate growth. Want to know more, text your name to (469) 745-1911 and we promise to follow up.

Message Manage Portal allows you to manage and use up to four phone list. Send up to five paragraphs with a 150 characters per paragraph. That's right, send up to 750 characters in your text blast. Blast up to one minute of voice recording to your phone list. Optionally, you can get a telephone number that is linked to your account that will add users to your phone list when they dial your access number. No other company offers this feature.

  • Simple interface for add and deleting phone numbers.
  • Four phone list to seperate phone numbers by categories.
  • Five paragraphs and up to 750 characters.
  • Send recorded message via phone call.

Who we are?

MOTC Telecom is a voice over IP telephone service provider. The difference be us and traditional carrier is that we use the Internet to deliver our phone service. We developed the SMS Text service from request from our customers. Does your phone company listen to you?

Truthfully, no other phone company offers as many features and services as MOTC Telecom. Inaddition, we have the best pricing in the industry.

What we do?

We provide our customers with the best phone quality and service second to none. We provide businesses with the tools they need to grow. MOTC Telecom is a different kind of phone company.

Where Brilliant Solutions Happen

We are focused on bringing our customers better tools and services to help them grow their business. From phone service to web development, video calling to video conferencing and many other services and features, our genius is working to make your business beter.